Timeline Classics book set features a beautiful timeline of the 19th century on the backs of books.

Timeline Classics.

The entire 19th century on your bookshelf.

Timeline Classics is a premium book set made of 8 top literary works of the 19th century. The backs of books when put on a bookshelf reveal an astonishing timeline visualizing each work’s original publishing date and each author’s life span.

backs of books feature a timeline of the 19th century

Easy To Visualize

It’s hard to visualize the history of literature - or any history for that matter. This book set will help you apprehend each book’s exact position on the timeline of the 19th century. Just imagine your friends’ faces as you recite the most important books from this era! You will be the life of every party, that’s for sure.

Make Your Visitors Jealous

Created by a professional graphic designer, these books allow for comfortable reading of the world’s favourite classics. Their matt lamination with glossy accents feel great in your hands as well as look stunning on top of your pretend fireplace.

these classic books were designed with great care
These classic books were carefully selected

Creme de la Creme

There are so many great classic works and authors. How do you know which ones are the essentials? No worries - we’ve selected only the finest works to help you on your journey through the 19th century literature. Fun enough to keep you reading and short enough to keep you from quitting a boring piece of literature wanting more.

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